Embroidered Ham Radio Covers & More! 


About Us

Tascha has been licensed for over 11 years and her husband, Steven has been licensed over 40 years, since he was 11 years old! Tascha loves to sew and embroider so it was a natural combination to sew and embroider Ham Radio Equipment Covers!


Talented Tascha, "The Crafty Kraut" (Born In Germany!) can custom make you an Amateur Radio Cover for your equipment! Call or email for information and/or speak to Tascha about your covers!

Custom Made

These Ham Radio covers are custom hand made and are Embroidered with whatever you want. The example you see is a Call Sign which is actually the most popular however some Amateurs prefer their name embroidered under their call sign! 


The price for these hand made covers is very reasonable.  Prices between $30 and $45, including shipping. Please email or call for prices.  This includes the embrodery for either your call sign or name.  If you would like Both included, just add $5 for both your call sign and name.  Most Hams who decide to embroider both put their call sign first and name underneath. We will need the exact dimensions for the radio/equipment you will use the cover for.  Email us for other instructions.  We take Paypal Payment!

Shipping and Handling cost are covered in Continental U.S. however Charges will apply for International Shipping. 

Thank you!

Tascha Katz

1435 Hampton Hill Dr., Alpharetta, GA | 404-428-1448

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